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Take it up a notch:

Baking soda + ACV 🍎

Recommended best option:

Shampoo bar 🧖‍♀️

A great find on the journey to a minimal waste bathroom has been shampoo bars. 🧖‍♀️ Whether you get them from somewhere like @lushcosmetics (packaging free if you buy them at a Lush store), @etsy, or locally, the concept is the same - shampoo in bar-of-soap form. It’s a bit different to use at first, but can last longer than your typical bottled liquid versions. ✨ If you’re not up to trying the baking soda + apple cider vinegar wash yet, take a smaller step and go packaging free (most importantly #plasticfree) with a shampoo bar! #sustianyourshit
Personal note: While I can’t speak to all brands yet, the Lush “Soak and Float” (pictured) is popular in our household. This one has a bit of a funky smell at first (the saleswoman said people generally feel it’s more “masculine,” but I would argue it’s genderless), it lathers up much more than expected, and I can go longer between washes. I was a die hard user of Head & Shoulders and used to think I had oily hair and a flaky scalp, but after a couple of weeks with this shampoo bar, I’m pretty sure it was the H&S that was making my hair nasty 😥 Would highly recommend giving a Lush bar a try if you have a store in your area. It’s a good way to get the skeptics of the family to try something new and a bit more sustainable P.S. this is 100% #notsponsored, I honestly have just been loving it this much 😅 -Sarah