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hair drying

Take it up a notch:

Drying towel 🧖‍♀️

Literally most sustainable option:

Straight up air dry ✨

Talkin bout dat hair biz 💁‍♂️ We looked at shampoo a few weeks ago, but this week we’re going to the opposite end of the hair maintenance process. Hair drying is something that varies from person to person, often depending on hair type, so if you already go the au naturale air drying route, props to you! And keep it up! For those of us currently relying on a dryer, let’s start thinking about the energy it guzzles up. There are a few different calculations floating around the internet, but it seems to be a common guess to say if you’re drying almost every day, you’re probably spending $30-45/year because of it! ⚡️ Energy is a resource that should be used sparingly and in a considered way 🙏 Think about if alternatives work for you and #sustainyourshit (links/suggestions on the site as always,