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Bamboo charcoal πŸŽ‹

This week we’re looking at more sustainable options for water filters πŸ’¦ According to the American Water Quality Association, around 4 out of 10 Americans use a home water treatment unit. Unfortunately like many filtration type systems, replacement of filters is a common necessity which can lead to single-use waste. Thankfully there are brands that will close the loop by taking back filters and recycling/reusing them, and there are lower waste options as well as biodegradable options 🌱 A big reason to start discussing water filtration options is that so many people use bottled water because of the “taste” + “cleaner” aspect. How great would it be if we could convince people constantly using single use plastic water bottles to switch to filtering their own and using a reusable?? It would cut down on the plastic production + the cost to transport the bottled water to them. 😎 Many reasons for us to discuss finding more sustainable water filtration solutions!
In general, when it comes to choosing to filter, some people filter their water for taste while others choose to filter based on health concerns. A safe assumption would be that most people reading this post right now have access to a decently safe filtered/treated source. While most of our Sustain Your Shit weeks focus on how you can individually change your habits and be more sustainable, we would be amiss without pointing out that estimates hover around 780 million worldwide are without access to clean and safe water. A lot of us are privileged to be able to choose to further filter out treated water. So, this week, consider not only changing your personal filtration habits but also consider donating in whatever way you can (money, time, support through publicizing/sharing, whatever works for you) to an organization focused on helping take on the challenge of providing clean water to those in need! πŸ™
‼️ If you have recommendations on organizations that are reputable and making a difference, please share below! ✨ SYS doesn’t have any particular ones tp recommend at the moment, but working on researching to find some that are worthy... but suggestions always appreciated! 😊