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You've got that Whole Foods $$$:

Small business reusable πŸ‘Ά

Take it up a notch: Micro-fiber + cotton reusable 🌱
@bumgenius is the recommendation here - they’ve got a few different diaper options that differ in their structure and functionality. They’re decently affordable at about $18/diaper with options to save if you buy more. Their “Original 5.0 Pocket Style Diaper” has stretchy tabs to customize fit and the pocket accommodates inserts so you can adjust for the absorbency level you need. πŸ‘Œ @smartbottoms would be another great option - they have organic cloth options that are a blend of cotton and hemp + swim diapers, but aren’t as flexible in sizing.
You've got that Whole Foods $$$: Small business reusable πŸ‘Ά
Checking out @etsy is the rec here, but supporting any other local, small business would be awesome! It will probably be a bit more expensive than most large brands, but worth it to support a small business. On Etsy you can find cloth diapers from materials ranging from cotton to hemp to flannel. While we don’t have a specific maker in mind, we’d like to encourage shopping small - and if shopping local isn’t possible, at least support a small business out there! πŸ“¦
Recommended best option: Resizable reusable + bamboo cloth πŸŽ‹
@softbums has gotten some pretty rave reviews online which combined with their options for more sustainable fabrics = the recommended option for this week. The best reusable diaper review post we could find was one done by Katie Kimball from @kitchenstewardship ( *Highly* recommend reading it because it’s so thorough on multiple diaper brands. Her reasoning for listing SoftBums as #1 is: 1. Effectiveness 2. Ease of use 3. Reusable 4. Longevity and 5. Flexible sizing. Thank you Katie for such an informative read! πŸ‘ Tip: They aren’t cheap, so get on the SoftBums email list for coupons to #savedatmoney πŸ’Έ