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Take it up a notch:

Reusable pads ✨

You've got that Whole Foods $$$:

Period panties 👙

Literally most sustainable option:

Menstrual cup 🌊

Take it up a notch: Reusable pads ✨
Why bother buying a new box of disposable single-use pads when there are great reusable options out there? Not only will you cut down on your waste, but you’ll save money in the long run! It’ll be a bit of a habit change because reusable pads require cleaning, but most can be rinsed right after use and thrown into the washing machine for a thorough cleaning at the end of your cycle (it’s often recommended you don’t let them dry out between rinsing and thorough washing). Hop on over to @etsy to find a lot of great small businesses to support with many using more eco friendly materials — @lunalizziepadsis a great place to start
You’ve got that Whole Foods $$$: Period Panties 👙
If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can go the route of period underwear by brands like @shethinx or @dearkates. These are similar to a reusable pad, just in a different format! They also need light cleaning + a spin in the washer. Aside from just underwear, Thinx has also started coming out with activewear like shorts, a leotard, and unitard. A drawback is that like reusable pads, they can’t be used in water situations.
Literally most sustainable option: Menstrual cup 🌊
While menstrual cups aren’t the right solution for everyone (for some they can increase cramping, and they are a bit messier and take a tad bit of time to care for properly), they earn the title of most sustainable option for their minimal material usage and longevity. Check out @putacupinit for a quiz that will give you recommendations for what cup will best fit you. With proper care, they’re a low-waste and hygienic option for period-care. They’re also awesome because you can use them anywhere: at work 💪, in the pool 🌊, being active outdoors 🌵, overnight 😴. Like the other two options, they’re more of an investment upfront, but save you money in the long run 💸 Check out the previous SYS post for more discussion/details.